Our design services are tailored to the systems and individual elements that comprise the building enclosure.

International Building Code

The 2009 International Building Code requires that the exterior wall envelope be designed and constructed in such manner as to prevent the accumulation of water within the all assembly by providing a water-resistive barrier behind the exterior veneer.

Washington State RCW 64.34

The Washington state RCW 64.34 further defines the building enclosure as that part of any building, above or below grade that physically separates the outside or exterior environment from interior environments, and which weatherproofs, waterproofs, or otherwise protects the building or its components from water or moisture intrusion. The building enclosure includes, but is not limited to, that portion of roofs, walls, balcony support, columns, decks, windows, doors, vents, and other penetrations through exterior walls, which waterproof, weatherproof, or otherwise protect the building or its components from water or moisture intrusions.

Our design services for both new and existing construction have great emphasis in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the applicable building codes, and statutory requirements of Washington state.

A Team Approach

Our approach to a great design is a team approach. We advocate intake meetings with your architect, property manager or trustee boards, to ensure your project parameters are met from a budget, aesthetics and longevity of the building enclosure systems.